How to make a simple $7 IMSI Catcher

How to make a simple $7 IMSI Catcher Here is the guide to create the IMSI catcher with a cheap SDR dongle: 1. Install Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Go to and download the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS version of a 64bit desktop. Here is the direct link that worked when i wrote this guide: # If you use a VM then give it a min. of 2Gb Memory. Compiling might crash if there is not enough memory # I gave my VM 1 cpu, 2G memory, 20Gb disk, removed the printer and sound card and left the USB in usb2.0 mode. # Update ubuntu after the installation is done: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y reboot 2. Install GNU Radio GSM modules / gr-gsm sudo apt-get install git python-pip sudo pip install PyBOMBS sudo pybombs prefix init /usr/local -a default_prx sudo pybombs config default_prefix default_prx sudo pybombs recipes add gr-recipes git+ sudo pybombs recipes add gr-etcetera git+ sudo pybombs install gr-gsm # This one could take hours to complete sudo ldconfig # Plug in the SDR-Dongle and check it is detected with dmesg. Then test if gr-gsm works: sudo grgsm_livemon # You should see the blue signal fluctuate # If you see this error – you forgot sudo in front of grgsm_livemon # Using device #0 Generic RTL2832U OEM # usb_open error -3 # Please fix the device permissions, e.g. by installing the udev rules file rtl-sdr.rules # FATAL: Failed to open rtlsdr device. 3. Get the python script to grap the data and present them nicely: # Install the pre reqs. sudo apt install python-numpy python-scipy python-scapy # Get the scripts git clone # Update the network providers list python IMSI-catcher/mcc-mnc/ # In terminal 1 cd IMSI-catcher sudo python # In terminal 2 # Start the radio wave sniffer on a channel where a GSM base station/tower transmits in your area. #—————– -f 943400000 # this is the same program called grgsm_livemon # Now, change the frequency and stop it when you have output like in the console behind the gui: # 4c 69 6b 65 56 69 64 65 6f 3d 53 65 6e 64 63 68 6f 63 6f 6c 61 74 65 # 00 6b 65 6c 64 2e 6e 6f 72 6d 61 6e 40 67 6d 61 69 6c 2e 63 6f 6d 00 # Watch terminal 1 and wait. The TMSI/IMSI numbers should appear shortly # If nothing appears after 1 min, change the frequency. # You can also watch the GSM packets in wireshark like this: sudo apt-get install -y wireshark tshark # NB: tshark is a commandline version of wireshark sudo wireshark -k -Y ‘!icmp && gsmtap’ -i lo # ignore errors about not running wireshark as root..

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