Burp Vulners Scanner – Vulnerability scanner based on vulners.com search API

Burp Suite scanner plugin based on Vulners.com vulnerability database API

Search fingerprints in HTTP response (inspired by plugin “Software Version Reporter”) and check found version in vulners.com vulnerability database

[Experemental] Check unique URLs in vulners.com finding exploits for such paths

If Vulners Plugin detects vulnerable software it will show you CVE, advisoroies, and even applicable exploits!How to use


Burp Suite – Professional Edition

Java 1.7



Clone repository

From command line run

mvn package

find burp-vulners-scanner.jar in /target folder

open Burp Suite -> Extender -> Add -> path to plugin.jar

Ready to install build burp-vulners-scanner.jar
Download Burp Vulners Scanner

http://ift.tt/2udBRxg http://ift.tt/2aM8QhC


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