Android Arsenal – Reverse engineering tools – Penetration Testing

Androguard – reverse engineering , Android app malware and good software analysis

Android Apk decompiler – Online decompile for Apk and Dex Android files

Android loadble kernel module – it is mainly used in the controlled system/simulator on the reverse and debugging.

AndBug – Android debug library

ApkTool – tool for reverse engineering Android Apk files

APK Studio – APK Studio is an IDE for decompiling / editing in a single user interface and then recompiling Android application binaries.

Bytecode-Viewer – A Java 8 Jar and Android APK Reverse Engineering Suite (Decoder, Editor, Debugger, etc.)

CodeInspect – Jimple-based reverse engineering framework for Android and Java applications.

Dedex – Command-line tool for disassembling Android DEX files.

Dextra – dextra utility started its life as a replacement for AOSP’s dexdump and dx-dump, both of which are quite basic and produce rich but unstructured output. In addition to supporting all the features, it also supports a variety of output patterns, specific classes, methods and field lookups, as well as determining static field values. I updated it to support ART

Dex2Jar – Tools that use the android .dex and java .class files

Dexdisassembler – a GTK tool for removing Android DEX files.

Enjarify – Enjarify is a tool for converting Dalvik bytecode to equivalent Java bytecode. This allows Java analysis tools to analyze Android applications.

Fern Flower – FernFlower Java Decompiler

Fino – Android small detection tool

The Introspy-Android -Blackbox tool helps you understand what your Android application does at runtime and helps identify potential security issues.

JD-Gui – fast Java decompressor , easy to read java source code

JEB – Interactive Android Decompiler

Smali_emulator – simulates smali source files generated by apktool, for example, to cancel obfuscation and encryption in APKs.

Strongdb – Strongdb is a gdb plugin written in Python that helps debug Android Native programs. The main code uses the gdb Python API.

Xenotix APK Reverser – an open source Android application package (APK) decompile and disassemble by dex2jar, baksmali and jd-core

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