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Fedora Linux, also known as Fedora, is a Linux variant created by a community of developers known as the Fedora Project. It is owned by the company Red Hat. It was first released in 2003, shortly after Red Hat discontinued its official Linux distribution, Red Hat Linux.

The design focus of Fedora is security and innovation. It has a reputation for integrating the newest changes to operating system technologies as early as possible. Fedora is also noted for implementing SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux), which enforces mandatory access controls on all files.

Fedora 26 officially released.

Change log

SSSD fast cache for local users : through sss NSS module for better performance

Python Classroom Lab : A new Python classroom lab based on Workstation, Docker and Vagrant. This is also an important step in the Fedora Loves Python program.

GNOME 3.24

Modular Server Preview : Modifies the server preview version so that the user can try it in advance

Pkgconf as system pkg-config implementation : Switch Fedora’s system-wide / default pkg-config implementation to pkgconf, which is a new pkg-config implementation.

Golang 1.8

Ruby 2.4

GHC 8.0

The systemd-coredump is enabled by default

Boost 1.63

C / C ++ Compilation Flags Updates : Default C / C ++ compilation flags determined by the redhat-rpm-config package

Enable AARCH64 – 48-bit VA

Remove the xorg-x11-drv-synaptics driver and remove it from the user’s installation

For more information, see Fedora 26 ChangeSet


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