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AIL framework – Framework for Analysis of Information Leaks

AIL is a modular framework to analyse potential information leaks from unstructured data sources like pastes from Pastebin or similar services or unstructured data streams. AIL framework is flexible and can be extended to support other functionalities to mine sensitive information.

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Modular architecture to handle streams of unstructured or structured information

Default support for external ZMQ feeds, such as provided by CIRCL or other providers

Each module can process and reprocess the information already processed by AIL

Detecting and extracting URLs including their geographical location (e.g. IP address location)

Extracting and validating potential leak of credit cards numbers

Extracting and validating email addresses leaked including DNS MX validation

Module for extracting Tor .onion addresses (to be further processed for analysis)

Extracting and validating potential hostnames (e.g. to feed Passive DNS systems)

A full-text indexer module to index unstructured information

Modules and web statistics

Global sentiment analysis for each providers based on nltk vader module

Terms tracking and occurrence

Many more modules for extracting phone numbers, credentials and others


Type these command lines for a fully automated installation and start AIL framework

git clone
cd AIL-framework
cd var/www/
cd ~/AIL-framework/
. ./AILENV/bin/activate
cd bin/

Starting AIL web interface

To start the web interface, you first need to fetch the required Javascript/CSS files:

cd var/www/

and then you can start the web interface python script:

cd var/www/

Eventually you can browse the status of the AIL framework website at the following URL:


Source: Github

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