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For a system administrator, having to perform security vulnerability analysis and software update on a daily basis can be a burden. To avoid downtime in production environment, it is common for system administrator to choose not to use the automatic update option provided by package manager and to perform update manually. This leads to the following problems.

System administrator will have to constantly watch out for any new vulnerabilities in NVD(National Vulnerability Database) or similar databases.

It might be impossible for the system administrator to monitor all the software if there are a large number of software installed in server.

It is expensive to perform analysis to determine the servers affected by new vulnerabilities. The possibility of overlooking a server or two during analysis is there.

Vuls is a tool created to solve the problems listed above. It has the following characteristics.

Informs users of the vulnerabilities that are related to the system.

Informs users of the servers that are affected.

Vulnerability detection is done automatically to prevent any oversight.

Report is generated on regular basis using CRON or other methods. to manage vulnerability.

Main Features

Scan for any vulnerabilities in Linux/FreeBSD Server

Supports Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Amazon Linux, RHEL, Oracle Linux, FreeBSD and Raspbian

Cloud, on-premise, Docker

Scan middleware that are not included in OS package management

Scan middleware, programming language libraries and framework for vulnerability

Support software registered in CPE

Agentless architecture

User is required to only setup one machine that is connected to other target servers via SSH

Nondestructive testing

Pre-authorization is not necessary before scanning on AWS

Auto generation of configuration file template

Auto detection of servers set using CIDR, generate configuration file template

Email and Slack notification is possible (supports Japanese language)

Scan result is viewable on accessory software, TUI Viewer on terminal or Web UI (VulsRepo).


Download and Tutorial

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