Exif-Remove – Command Line Tool- Remove Exif Data from all Digital Pictures

This tool is made in Python 2.7 compiled using pyinstaller for Windows OS. Nothing is special about this tool it just eases the work for me, maybe will for you too.For what reason?
Exif is Metadata stored in hidden in your pictures. Many well-intentioned people unwittingly expose personal information that is embedded in the metadata of those digital pictures. To better protect your online confidentiality, it is crucial to remove exif data.

Changelog ( v.1.0.3 )
Tool will check if exif data is already removed ( identifies using ex_ string in filenames ) Issues fixed – Single thread worker

Installation instructions

Download the .zip file exif_remove.zip

Extract the .zip file and copy the exif.exe to C:\Windows\

Let’s test it! Goto the directory where you have your pictures


From dropdown select Open command window here

Write exif and press ENTER KEY

It’ll regenerate the image files without exif data and save them, also auto delete the files with exif data

Download Exif-Remove


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