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Nscan is a fast Network scanner optimized for internet-wide scanning purposes and inspired by Masscan and Zmap. It has it’s own tiny TCP/IP stack and uses Raw sockets to send TCP SYN probes. It doesn’t need to set SYN Cookies so it doesn’t wastes time checking if a received packet is a result of it’s own scan, that makes Nscan faster than other similar scanners.

Nscan has a cool feature that allows you to extend your scan by chaining found ip:port to another scripts where they might check for vulnerabilities, exploit targets, look for Proxies/VPNs…


$ git clone http://ift.tt/1yUEsav
$ cd Nscan/latest
$ chmod +x nscan.py

$ ./nscan.py
nscan.py x.x.x.x/x [options]
nscan.py iface load/unload : Load/Unload Nscan alias interface
nscan.py resume filename.conf: resume previous scan

-h, –help show this help message and exit
-s STYPE Scan type S:SYN U:UDP (default=S)
-p PORTS, –port=PORTS
Port(s) number (e.g. -p21-25,80)
-t THREADS, –threads=THREADS
Threads used to send packets (default=1)
–import=IMPORTS Nscan scripts to import (e.g.
-b, –banner Fetch banners
-n COUNT Number of results to get
-o FILE, –output=FILE
Output file
-c N,T, –cooldown=N,T
Every N (int) packets sent sleep P (float)


$ ./nscan.py iface load
Press enter key to load nscan alias interface

[….] Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not [warnable some interfaces … (warning).
[ ok ] Reconfiguring network interfaces…done.
Nscan alias interface loaded:

Source: Github

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