pyrasite – Inject code into running Python processes

Tools for injecting arbitrary code into running Python processes.Requirements

gdb (version 7.3+ (or RHEL5+))

On OS X you will need to have a codesigned gdb – see if you get errors while running with –verbose which mention codesigning.Compatiblity
Pyrasite works with Python 2.4 and newer. Injection works between versions as well, so you can run Pyrasite under Python 3 and inject into 2, and vice versa.Usage

usage: pyrasite [-h] [–gdb-prefix GDB_PREFIX] [–verbose] [–output OUTPUT_TYPE] pid [filepath|payloadname] pyrasite –list-payloadspyrasite – inject code into a running python processpositional arguments: pid The ID of the process to inject code into filepath|payloadname The second argument must be a path to a file that will be sent as a payload to the target process or it must be the name of an existing payload (see –list-payloads).optional arguments: -h, –help show this help message and exit –gdb-prefix GDB_PREFIX GDB prefix (if specified during installation) –verbose Verbose mode –output OUTPUT_TYPE This option controls where the output from the executed payload will be printed. If the value is ‘procstreams’ (the default) then the output is sent to the stdout/stderr of the process. If the value is ‘localterm’ then the output is piped back and printed on the local terminal where pyrasite is being run. –list-payloads List payloads that are delivered by pyrasiteFor updates, visit

The graphical interface can be found here:

Python debuginfo (needed for live object inspection)

PyGObject3 Introspection bindings


meliae (easy_install/pip may not work for this install. If not, use the tarball from the distribution website. You may need to install Cython in order to get meliae to build)









mailing list:



#pyrasite on Freenode

Download pyrasite


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