15 of the Most Popular Python open source frameworks – Penetration Testing

The following are the 15 most popular Python open source frameworks that Bole Online has sorted out of GitHub. These frameworks include event I/O, OLAP, Web development, high performance network communications, testing, crawlers and so on.

Django : Python Web Application Development FrameworkDjango is the most famous Python framework, GAE and even Erlang have the framework affected by it. Django is a big and full direction, it is the most famous is its fully automated management background: only need to use ORM, do a simple object definition, it can automatically generate the database structure, and full-featured management background.

Diesel : Greenlet-based event I/O frameworkDiesel provides a clean API to write network clients and servers. Supports TCP and UDP.

Flask : A lightweight Web application framework written in PythonFlask is a lightweight Web application framework written in Python. Based on the Werkzeug WSGI toolbox and the Jinja2 template engine. Flask is also known as “microframework” because it uses a simple kernel and uses extensions to add other features. Flask does not have a default use of the database, the form validation tool.

Cubes : Lightweight Python OLAP frameworkCubes is a lightweight Python framework that includes tools such as OLAP, multidimensional data analysis, and aggregated data.

Kartograph.py : Create a lightweight Python framework for vector mapsKartograph is a Python library that generates SVG maps for ESRI. Kartograph.py is still in beta, you can test in virtualenv environment.

Pulsar : Python’s event-driven concurrency frameworkPulsar is an event-driven concurrency framework, with pulsar, you can write asynchronous servers running one or more activities in different processes or threads.

Web2py : Full Stack Web FrameworkWeb2py is a full-featured Web application framework for the Python language that is designed to quickly and easily develop Web applications with fast, secure, and portable database-driven applications that are compatible with Google App Engine.

Falcon : Build high-performance Python framework for cloud API and web application backendFalcon is a high-performance Python framework for building cloud APIs, which encourages the use of REST architectural style and minimizes the effort with the least effort.

Dpark : Python version of SparkDPark is Spark’s Python clone, a Python implementation of the distributed computing framework, can be very convenient to achieve large-scale data processing and iterative computing. DPark from Douban to achieve, the current majority of Douban internal data analysis are completed using DPark, is increasingly perfect.

Buildbot : Python-based Continuous Integration Testing FrameworkBuildbot is an open source framework that automates software build, testing, and publishing processes. Whenever the code changes, the server requires clients on different platforms to build and test the code immediately and collect and report on the build and test results of the different platforms.

Zerorpc : ZeroMQ-based high-performance distributed RPC frameworkZerorpc is a remote procedure call protocol (RPC) implementation based on ZeroMQ and MessagePack. The Service API used with Zerorpc is called zeroservice. Zerorpc can be called by programming or command line.

Bottle : Mini Python Web FrameworkBottle is a simple and efficient follow the WSGI miniature python Web framework. Said micro, because it has only one file, except the Python standard library, it does not depend on any third party module.

Tornado : Asynchronous non-blocking IO Python Web frameworkTornado’s full name is the Torado Web Server, from the point of view you can know that it can be used as a Web server, but it is also a Python Web development framework. Originally used on FriendFeed’s website, FaceBook was opened and opened.

Webpy : lightweight Python web frameworkWebpy design philosophy to streamline (Keep it simple and powerful), the source is very short, only to provide a framework of the necessary things, do not rely on a large number of third-party modules, it has no URL routing, no template and no database access.

Scrapy : Python crawler frameworkScrapy is a Python-based, lightweight, simple and lightweight, and very easy to use.

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