The United States proposes a new oversight bill: the Pentagon launches cyber attacks must advance to Congress – Penetration Testing

According to foreign media reported on June 14, the US House of Representatives Military Committee recently proposed a new supervision bill , requiring the Pentagon to launch cyber attacks and defensive action within 48 hours before the notice to Congress, resulting in a sustained or imminent threat to the network, to strengthen Congress on the sensitivity of military network operations and network weapons supervision, improve the transparency of national defense elements and accountability.

It is reported that the draft law allows two exceptions, that is, when the network action occurs during training or when a secret action is authorized, it is not necessary to disclose it before the secret is completed. The secret network action authorization rules are as follows:

○ The President of the United States shall not authorize government departments, institutions or entities to take a secret network action unless the President decides to take such action to support US foreign policy to safeguard US national security. In addition, unless the United States needs immediate action, the action survey material needs to be described in detail in all detail and submitted to the President for approval 48 hours before the action;

○ All network operations need to be submitted to the Congressional Intelligence Committee before the application report;

○ After the report is submitted, the Congress will investigate the authenticity of the report. If the President considers it necessary to restrict access to the findings of the investigation to safeguard the vital interests of the State, it may only report the results of the investigation to the President of the Congressional Intelligence Committee and members of the ethnic minorities;

○ The President shall ensure that the Congressional Intelligence Committee sends a notice in writing in the same manner as the previously approved action report and that there are no significant changes;

O prohibit any secret network action against the US political process;

○ For each activity carried out for each part of a covert operation, the President shall establish a plan in response to unauthorized disclosure of the attack.

In a statement, Mac Thornerry, chairman of the House Arms Control Committee, said that while some operations must remain encrypted and secure national security, Congress still has the responsibility to properly monitor and protect citizens’ basic security and freedom.

Source: hackernew

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