The latest Mac malware is coming out – Penetration Testing

In the “Dark Web (Dark Web)” appeared on two new malware for Mac computers, these two Mac malware are MacSpy and MacRansom, and through Maas and Raas way to attack. Two malware from a developer, security company Fortinet and AlienVault that the developer experience is insufficient, and pointed out that malware is missing digital signature files, which means that the standard installation of macOS can escape malware.

MacSpy’s threat is not great, but MacRansom is very dangerous because malware has the ability to permanently destroy user files. Fortunately, MacSpy and MacRansom are not currently on a large scale because developers ask buyers to contact them and negotiate prices directly.

However, Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle said that more and more hackers will target to Apple. In addition, macOS and iOS users of the security knowledge is not enough, is likely to become a hacker’s goal. Although this MacSpy and MacRansom no large-scale spread, but the future may have a huge impact on the emergence of malicious software or blackmail software.

Malware for Macs grew 744 percent in 2016, although most of them were adware bundles in software. If you want to be safe, security experts recommend that users download applications and programs on the Mac App Store and on trusted third-party developer sites. Although Apple has been advertising the Mac will not be poisoned computer, but Wardle still remind Apple fans, do not be taken lightly, not too confident.

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