Python framework pentest,WMD | Python framework for IT security tools

Weapon of Mass Destruction

This is a python tool with a collection of IT security software. The software is incapsulated in “modules”. The modules does consist of pure python code and/or external third programs.

Main functions

To use a module, run the command “use [module_call]”, e.g. “use apsniff”, to activate the module.

The modules options can be changed with “set [parameter] [value]”.

Inside the modules, you always have the possibilty to view the options with the command “so”.
4)Your environment settings is in core/config.ini. Please adjust them before running.

Web menu

Run the command “www” from the console to activate a Flask server showing the modules in your browser. Access it from:

Modules are loaded directly into a xterm.DEV: Try the SniffHTTP and APsniff module – define parameters in the browser.


git clone
pip install -r requirements.txt


Before your first run, please: 1. Adjust your environment settings in core/config.ini.default 2. Rename core/config.ini.default to core/config.ini

Start the console with: python3

Start a single module: python3 -m [CALL]

Start webserver: python3 -w

Start without checking requirements: python3 -nc

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