Apple Mac safe enough from Virus & hackers? – Penetration Testing

According to foreign media reports, Sophos network security researcher Paul Ducklin on June 7 at the Infosecurity Europe 2017 conference delivered a keynote speech, designed to analyze Apple devices are not immune to malware and virus attacks.

It is reported that Ducklin in addition to the use of malicious software Eleanor invasion of the known Mac loopholes, but also to the public how to use hackers to run commands, penetrate the core system and intercept the screen information.

Malwarebytes, a security company, said in a report this year that malware for Macs in the first quarter of 2017 had reached 2016 full year numbers, with most of its threats coming from different functions and complex backdoor attacks. So why is most Apple Mac users still behaving like their own systems from malware? Because the number of malware attacks on Mac is minimal.

Ducklin said that while malware for Mac attacks is less in number than Windows, the quality and complexity are alike. No matter what you do on Windows, such malware can be rewritten based on Mac. Researchers say that cybercriminals do not know how to use malware to extort bitmaps on Macs, and perhaps they do not have to do that at all, because it’s already possible to earn a lot of bitcoin money from Windows.

Ferguson, a researcher at Trend Micro, a network security company, said that in most cases cybercriminals have the biggest interest in the vulnerability of Apple devices to buy and sell OSX / iOS operating systems. At present, the researchers agreed that Apple users are not hackers and cyber criminals attack, to a large extent is a miracle. Of course, other cybercrime technologies are not related to the device system. For example, phishing is still one of the most common means of hacking, no matter what the operating system, it will happen.

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