FileVaultCracker: macOS FileVault cracking tool – Penetration Testing

Today, we are introduced for a macOS FileVault disk file protection function of the password crack tool, the tool is easy to use.

Introduction to FileVault
In fact, FileVault should be regarded as a security function designed and developed by Apple. FileVault can automatically encrypt and decrypt the contents of the file in the home directory. For ordinary users, the real sense of security comes from “in the absence of your permission to the case, no one can look at your file.” And FileVault uses the latest government-level safety standards to protect your hard work.
It protects all the information on your main folder from being spy, so your business secrets, shopping lists, and personal financial records are still secret. FileVault uses the 128-bit Advanced Encryption standard to encrypt all content in your home directory. This high-performance algorithm will automatically encrypt and decrypt in real time, so you do not even know it’s happening.

FileVaultCracker not only allows us to use a custom dictionary file, but also can specify the crack thread and password character length. All in all, this is a very simple and easy to use password crack tool. I believe that when you open this tool, you will understand how to use it.


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