cheetah | brute force webshell password tool

Cheetah is a dictionary-based brute force password webshell tool, running as fast as a cheetah hunt for prey.

Cheetah’s working principle is that it can submit a large number of detection passwords based on different web services at once, blasting efficiency is thousands of times other common brute force password webshell tools.


Fast speed.

Support python 2.x and python 3.x

Support to read large password dictionary file.

Support to remove duplicate passwords of large password dictionary file.

Support for automatic detection of web services.

Support brute force batch webshell urls password.

Support for automatic forgery request header.

Currently support php, jsp, asp, aspx webshell.


git clone
git pull orgin master


python -h

______ _____ ______
__________ /_ _____ _____ __ /_______ ____ /_
_ ___/__ __ \_ _ \_ _ \_ __/_ __ \ __ __ \
/ /__ _ / / // __// __// /_ / /_/ / _ / / /
\___/ / / /_/ \___/ \___/ \__/ \____/ / / /_/
/_/ /_/

a very fast brute force webshell password tool.

usage: [-h] [-i] [-v] [-c] [-up] [-r] [-w] [-s] [-n] [-u] [-b]
[-p [file [file …]]]

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-i, –info show information of cheetah and exit
-v, –verbose enable verbose output(default disabled)
-c, –clear clear duplicate password(default disabled)
-up, –update update cheetah
-r , –request specify request method(default POST)
-t , –time specify request interval seconds(default 0)
-w , –webshell specify webshell type(default auto-detect)
-s , –server specify web server name(default auto-detect)
-n , –number specify the number of request parameters
-u , –url specify the webshell url
-b , –url-file specify batch webshell urls file
-p file [file …] specify possword file(default data/pwd.list)

use examples:
python -u http://orz/orz.php
python -u http://orz/orz.jsp -r post -n 1000 -v
python -u http://orz/orz.asp -r get -c -p pwd.list
python -u http://orz/orz -w aspx -s iis -n 1000
python -b url.list -c -p pwd1.list pwd2.list -v

Files description

│ .codeclimate.yml
│ .gitignore
│ .travis.yml
│ mian program
│ update module

│ big_shell_pwd.7z big shell password file
│ pwd.list default shell password file
│ url.list default batch webshell urls file
│ user-agent.list user agent file


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