Top secret report: Russian hackers attacked more than 100 US officials before the election – Penetration Testing

According to CNET, the US National Security Agency (NSA) recently exposed the top report shows that in 2016 before the US presidential election, the Russian hackers had more than 100 local election officials and a voting software company launched an attack.

NSA in the report describes the Russian hacker attack details, such as the US local election officials and eight state development of electoral software company VR Systems launched a phishing attack, including California, Florida, New York, Illinois, North Carolina, Indiana, Virginia and West Virginia. Attack time happens just before the election day, many hacking attacks are around in late October to start.

The report was first exposed by the United States broke the news site The Intercept exposure, then confirmed by CBS News. Russia’s attack on the 2016 presidential election has always plagued the White House because the current US President Donald Trump is involved in a survey of relations with Russia. Although Trump continued to deny that Russian hackers did not attack him on behalf of him, the FBI had launched a formal investigation, including the link between its campaign and foreign cyber attacks.

The arrival of the NSA report coincided with the coincidence of the former FBI director James Kouy (James Comey) is about to go to the Senate under the intelligence committee to investigate the incident to testify 3 days ago. Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to refute the allegations that the government has supported cyber attacks against the United States, insisting that it is a spontaneous movement of Russian patriots.

NSA said in the report that hackers on behalf of the Russian government posing as an electronic voting company, to induce US government officials to click on e-mails containing hidden malware. Russian hackers also e-mailed Google using to send an e-mail to the victim asking them to click on a link that was eventually caught by a phishing attack. So far, the NSA report has identified seven potential victims.

VR Systems has not yet made any response to this. But the report said that more than 120 different local governments were attacked by Russian hackers. A few days before the NSA report was exposed, the US Department of Justice had filed charges against Reality Leigh Winner, a contractor in Georgia, who allegedly offered top secret materials for news agencies. Winner has been arrested in his own home and attended the hearing.

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