Linux Mint 18.2 ‘Sonya’ beta release – Penetration Testing

Mint Linux, also known as Linux Mint, is a Linux distribution for desktop computers. Its design focuses on prioritizing open-source software components, with exceptions for proprietary multimedia software, such as the Adobe Flash plugin. Known as one of the more user-friendly variants, Mint Linux comes with many popular free software packages such as LibreOffice, Pidgin, and GIMP, and its default web browser is Firefox.
First distributed in 2006, it has a reputation for staying up-to-date, with updates being issued every six months. If you are a new to Linux and unsure as to which variant to install, Mint Linux is a safe choice. It comes in two “flavors” — one running on the codebase of Debian Linux, and one based on Ubuntu. If you are not sure whether to choose the “Ubuntu” or “Debian” flavor, you can choose either one; the differences are minor for new users.

Linux Mint 18.2 “Sonya” beta release.

This update comes with local and third-party applications for Linux Mint, including Blueberry, Xed, Xplayper, Xreader, Pix, Xviewer, Update Manager, and software source configuration tools.

If you have already installed Linux Mint 18.1 or 18.0, you will be able to upgrade directly through Update Manager. But even if you do not intend to update to 18.2, the official will also provide security patches for all legacy systems until 2021.

For more information, please refer to the release notes .


Mate: 64-bit

Cinnamon: 64-bit

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