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In the morning of the WWDC2017 conference, Apple officially released the iOS 11 operating system. Overall, iOS 11 is more powerful, and some of the previous headache of the interactive logic has also been improved.

First look at the lock screen and notification center, Apple this lock screen interface and notification center integrated together , the interaction is more simple, but also fully liberated the 3D Touch, the use of 3D Touch function directly adjust and call out more options.

It is worth mentioning that the signal status bar this time is not a dot , but become a traditional signal logo.

Followed by Siri, in iOS 11, he can support the translation function , Beta version of Siri translation support English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish, the future will add more languages.

The following is the system application interface to iMessage power, the relevant options become more concise, but also support Apple Pay directly to friends transfer.

Map, and now Apple’s map finally support the road speed limit prompts, but also joined part of the indoor navigation (large shopping malls and the future of the airport to support). However, the people loved to see the offline map is still missing, is afraid of our memory is not enough?

Carplay, the addition of the car to avoid interference mode , be a just need to update. However, the map is still only Apple map, open the third application is basically only limited to music.

AirPlay also upgraded to AirPlay 2, support in iOS to build multi-room audio system, and even Apple TV can also become AirPlay 2 terminal.

Apple Music is actually open this time, third-party applications can also visit the application, including Nike, Anchor and Shazam have now achieved the relevant interaction.

The iOS 11 also began to support machine learning, launched a new developer for the API – Core ML, known to make local data processing more convenient.

IOS 11 also began to support the AR function, through the ARKit with the camera, you can achieve some simple AR data processing. Also in China, the camera will support direct identification of two-dimensional code.

Of course, iOS 11 AR function can also be used with the game, Apple welcomes developers through the iPhone and iPad to join the world’s largest AR platform.

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