Visual Studio for Mac is officially released – Penetration Testing

Last month Microsoft announced the launch of Visual Studio for Mac: a full-featured development environment that helps developers on the Mac build applications, games and services for mobile, cloud and web pages. It is designed specifically for the macOS, so from the toolbar to the file dialog box design so that Mac users are very familiar with. Today, this software officially released, and interested friends may wish to come here to download.

Designed for Mac native

Visual Studio for Mac introduces your satisfaction with developer productivity into Mac. This experience has been carefully crafted to optimize the developer workflow for Mac.

Effective collaboration

Manage your code in any managed provider (including GitHub and Visual Studio Team Services) hosted Git repository. Cross-Windows and Mac use Visual Studio to share projects seamlessly with developers.

Deliver high quality mobile applications

With Xamarin’s advanced debugging, analysis tools, unit testing and UI test generation capabilities, you can build, connect and adapt native mobile applications for Android, iOS and macOS faster and easier than ever before.

Start a new Web application

With the support of ASP.NET Core in Visual Studio for Mac, you can create beautiful new Web applications. Build the front end so that you have the same Web editor experience as you know and love Visual Studio and Windows and publish it directly from the IDE to the cloud.

Create Smart Services

Visual Studio for Mac builds a .NET Core solution that provides back-end services for client solutions. Use the client solution to encode, debug, and test these cloud services simultaneously to increase productivity.

Generate cross-platform games

You can use Unity and Visual Studio for Mac to create excellent games that can run on any platform.Use powerful coding, refactoring, and debugging capabilities in Visual Studio for Mac to increase productivity.

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