British think tank: Trident nuclear submarine dock can be hacked – Penetration Testing

As we all know, cruise during the nuclear submarine in a physical isolation state, do not access the Internet or other networks, only from the outside world to accept very simple data, which is often officially advertised as a model away from hackers. But a recent 38-page report from the British think tank, the British-American Security Information Committee, points out that this statement is exaggerated.

Although the British Defense Department has repeatedly claimed that the Trident nuclear submarine operating system does not access the Internet, can be away from the network attacks, Basic still said that the nuclear submarine dock may be subject to hacking. For example, hackers can launch a malware attack against nuclear submarines that are in a state of maintenance at the Faslane naval base in Scotland. The report shows that the British Trident nuclear submarine there are security risks, can make the country and arsenal completely paralyzed, and even lead to reverse the disastrous consequences of the war situation.

“Although the trigeminal nuclear submarine’s sensitive network system does not access the Internet or any other civil network, but the vessel, missile, warheads and the various parts of the system are dependent on the network computer, equipment and software design and programming. All components must be regular Upgrade, reconfigure, and bug fixes. “

The report also describes international concerns about potential nuclear threats. The rumors about the US war against the North Korean missile program have exacerbated the seriousness of the situation.

Britain has four nuclear submarines equipped with 16 rounds of missiles, the current four submarines are in the replacement of the occasion. Trident avant-garde strategic nuclear submarine was first introduced in 1980, is the only British state-owned nuclear weapons system. Last July, the British House of Commons voted to use the new nuclear submarine in early 2030.

Trident nuclear submarine system operation (from design to decommissioning) at each stage there are a lot of loopholes. An effective way to reduce risk is to enhance the business resilience of subcontractors, system maintenance, component design, and even software upgrades through a wide range of unavoidable costly operations. As long as the United Kingdom to continue to deploy nuclear weapons system, the operation will become a network war era of the top priority.

In his response to the Basic report, former British Defense Minister Des Browne said: “It is purely irresponsible to believe that nuclear weapons core digital systems have a network of intrusive immunity,” he said, pointing out that the Wanna Cry worm, which broke out earlier this year, Has affected the world’s 300,000 computers, many of which the British National Health Service System (NHS), including, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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