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There is no doubt that Google Chrome is favored by developers, it provides a set of Chrome DevTools , Webdevelopment and performance debugging is an essential tool designed to provide developers with a more relaxed life. But Chrome can do much more than just what you usually use: Chrome’s functionality is expanded with thousands of add-ons and extensions that allow developers to use a variety of techniques to test websites and applications during the development process; Try other fonts and layout; and greatly improve efficiency.

This article lists some of the most useful, user-friendly and feature-rich extension tools for developers with scoring. Developers can choose according to their own needs.

1, Website analysis tool Wappalyzer

Current rating: 5/5

Wappalyzer is a useful cross-platform web analytics tool that helps developers, researchers, and designers detect what technology is used in the web to better measure what technology is used in their projects. Wappalyzer features similar to BuiltWith, which can detect content management systems (CMS), e-commerce platforms, Web servers, JavaScript frameworks, and installed analysis tools. In this view a list of Wappalyzer detected by the application.

2, Code effects map Marmoset

Current rating: 5/5

Marmoset consists of a Nginx code that helps you create beautiful code screenshots, output wireframe, and tagging code in just a few seconds. In addition, you can add themes and other effects, it supports a variety of common and uncommon code language type, built about dozens of color, make good pictures can be used as a computer desktop wallpaper, absolutely geeks must. This simple and intuitive attachment, the user just a little understanding, in the performance score did not hesitate to give mouth-watering 5 stars.

3, Batch open multiple links Linkclump

Current rating: 5/5

Linkclump is an extension tool for bulk opening of multiple links to a web page. You can use the mouse to drag the box to select all the links you want to open. You can open them in a new tab page of LinkClump and save them at once. For bookmarks, copy to clipboard, keyword filtering (ie include keywords that are open or not open), delayed open, reverse selection open links, and so on. The plugin source code can be found on GitHub .

4, Clear the history Click & Clean

Current rating: 5/5

It’s not a simple thing to keep 5 points in over 45,000 comments, but Click & Clean does it! With the Click & Clean plugin, users can choose a variety of ways to clear the history in Chrome. The Click & Clean cleanup interface is also designed to be very trendy, it can click to delete the typed URL, cache and Cookie and download and browse history. Click & Clean can even remove client-side Web SQL databases, Flash Cookies (LSOs), and so on. This is the first private data cleanup tool in Google Chrome.

5, The program debugging tool Firebug Lite

Current rating: 4.5 / 5

Firebug is the necessary webmaster for webmasters and bloggers. It can analyze the HTML page code and provide real-time preview of the page style elements. It is not a replacement for Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools; instead, it is used in conjunction with these tools to provide rich visual effects such as HTML elements, DOM elements and Box model shading, real-time editing of CSS properties, etc. It also Performance testing, providing analysis such as loading time. You can download the Firebug page from the Chrome Extensions Center to install the expanded version of Firebug Lite for Chrome .

6, Font Paradise Font Playground

Current rating: 4.5 / 5

This is another very useful front-end tool, and the Font Playground makes it possible to experiment with different fonts without having to change anything on your application or website. You can get more than 1000 free Google web fonts, it allows you to preview the font in just a few seconds the effect.

7, Search image Search by Image

Current rating: 4.5 / 5

Search image is Google’s own direction of the direction of the picture search plug-in, which allows you to use any of the pages on the Google search (more flexible than the days of the eye is not the same), simply right click on the picture, and then select ” This picture “(Search Google with this image). If this is your favorite plugin, you can also use this feature by adding click image search. Learn more about Google Images, see here .

8, Sky Eye – Reverse Image Search TinEye Reverse Image Search

Current rating: 4.5 / 5

The first reverse image search engine that relies on image identity technology (to protest keyword encryption, metadata, and watermarks) (editors: people who despise a good picture and add watermarks), simple and quick search To almost all the original picture resources. It creates an independent identity for each image you want to search for, and matches the
identity of the other images in the database (non-similar matches), including matching images that have been edited, compressed, and redefined. So every year tens of millions of pictures are added to the database. Visit the Sky blog for the latest updates and information.

9, Built-in technology builders BuiltWith Technology Profiler

Current rating: 4.5 / 5

Find out how a web page can be used to create a button click on the need to thank the built-in technology builder, a nice easy-to-use web building tool. After you click on the build icon, this control can return all the technology that can be used on this page. Visit the “BuiltWith” page for more information, and you can also use the “BuiltWith” page to add the url to explore the technology used by that site.

10, Pixel scale Page Ruler

Current rating: 4.5 / 5

The pixel scale allows you to display rulers on any web page, which provides information such as wide, high, position (up, down, left, right) for any page controls you want to measure. The size of the ruler can be easily adjusted by dragging the ruler edge, changing the bull’s-eye position, or manually updating the ruler size and position on the toolbar to make precise adjustments. The pixel scale also provides a “component mode” that displays the component outline when you move the mouse over the component. More praise is that you can browse any control of the parent control, child controls, peer controls. This Chrome plugin has more than 600,000 users and more than 1450 people give it the best rating. For more information , please sign the developer website: .

In addition to the above, there are a lot of great extensions for the developer Chrome extension tool waiting for you to explore.

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