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Top 7 text editor for programmer

Where does the programmer write the code? The most common thing is to use a text editor.

The following list of seven mainstream text editor, no accident, then, developers should have an understanding, at least heard. Welcome to comment at the bottom of the article, share their habits and views of these editors!

1, Sublime

Sublime Text is a classic text editor that many developers use everyday, and can be used to include multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and so on. But although you can not buy a license for free use, but from time to time there will be a window message prompt, a bit annoying. Want to remove the window, or to pay to buy it.

Sublime features:

Good extension function (package manager)

Allow to add third-party libraries

Fast, fast release

Multi-platform support

Concise UI

Powerful feature set


2, TextMate

TextMate is a well-known text editor under Mac, which was originally used by Ruby on Rails developers because they were primarily using Mac OS. Unfortunately, because it is only applicable to the Mac system, a bit limited its usability.

TextMate has a rich feature set, an external library, and some innovative features that are copied by other editors. Personally think that one of the most compelling is the “fuzzy search function”, allowing fast positioning of the file, without the need to use Command + T to search the complete file directory.


3, Atom

Atom is a relatively new cross-platform text editor, launched in Github in February 2014, using the Electron framework based on web technology development.

Because add-ins can be built using Web technology, many people add custom plug-ins to the text editor. This is also true, after all, written on Github, itself has a strong Git integration.

All changes made by Atom before the last submission are displayed in the navigation pane in a different color. As shown in the left side of the orange part of the display.

Atom also basically plugins of anything you can imagine, it really is excellent, but it usually takes a few seconds to start due to web technology development reasons. If your computer itself has a bit of Caton, it may take longer.


4, Vim

If you see those who know what they really want to do with Vim, you will feel how terrible it is. Vim is a command-line text editor, meaning that you can interact with it without using the mouse.

Vim comes with a variety of editing modes, which are significantly different from other text editors. At the same time it is also a very challenging text editor, but once learned, you can make programming faster.

If it is just beginning to learn programming, in fact, is not recommended to use Vim. After a few years of professional programming, come back to consider lifting Vim to increase productivity.


5, Emacs

Emacs is similar to Vim and is also a cross-platform command line text editor. It does not have the same pattern of wim, but the use still requires a relatively high skill level because the learning curve is relatively high.

Emacs has a built-in document that supports almost all Unicode, highly customizable.


6, Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is a text editor under Windows that is designed to become a specialized version of Notepad familiar to most Windows users.

Notepad ++ built-in multiple syntax highlighting, support for custom language; can automatically detect the file type, according to the keyword display node. At the same time, also provides a number of features such as interchangeable location, macro function and so on.


7, Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a cross-platform editor running on OS X, Windows and Linux for the development of modern web and cloud applications, released by Microsoft in 2015.

Visual Studio Code also integrates all the features that modern editors should have, including syntax highlighting, customizable hotkey binding, bracket matching, code snippet collection, and so on, and recently added the Markdown sync preview feature.


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