lynis Security scan tool linux,Security auditing tool for Linux, macOS

Lynis is an open source security auditing tool. Used by system administrators, security professionals, and auditors, to evaluate the security defenses of their Linux and UNIX-based systems. It runs on the host itself, so it performs more extensive security scans than vulnerability scanners. It is also the client in our Lynis Enterprise offering.

Supported operating systems

Lynis runs on almost all UNIX-based systems and versions, including:









and others

It even runs on systems like the Raspberry Pi, or QNAP storage devices.

Installation optional

Lynis is light-weight and easy to use. Installation is optional: just copy it to a system, and use “./lynis audit system” to start the security scan. It is written in shell script and released as open source software (GPL). Software packages are available from our software repository.

Change log lynis 2.5

During the development of this release, the project got informed about a flaw
that possibly could be abused by a local attacker. Even with the small risk of
success, upgrading is highly recommended. See details on

This release is a special maintenance release with focus on cleaning up the code
for readability and future expansion.

* Use ROOTDIR variable instead of fixed paths
* Introduction of IsEmpty and HasData functions for readability of code
* Renamed some variables to better indicate their purpose (counting, data type)
* Removal of unused code and comments
* Deleted unused tests from database file
* Correct levels of identation
* Support for older mac OS X versions (Lion and Mountain Lion)
* Initialized variables for more binaries
* Additional sysctls are tested

* MALW-3280 – Extended test with Symantec components
* PKGS-7332 – Detection of macOS ports tool and installed packages
* TOOL-5120 – Snort detection
* TOOL-5122 – Snort configuration file


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