Mozilla Firefox,Mozilla Firefox 53.0.2,Mozilla Firefox 54 beta 5

Mozilla Firefox 54 Beta version is stepping up development at the same time, Mozilla Firefox 53 also continue to update the official version, as, in the past, this version of the update is usually to repair some of the more serious bug, 53.0.2 version of the repair panel selection error and part Dialog box problem, and brought some security on the patch.

Change log Mozilla Firefox 53.0.2


Make form validation errors and date picker panel visible to the user ( Bug 1341190 )

Various security fixes


The non-standard showDialog argument to window.find is now ignored (Bug 1348409 )

Download Mozilla Firefox 53.0.2

Change log Mozilla Firefox 54 Beta 5


Clearer and more details for download items in the download panel

Bookmarks created on mobile devices are now shown in “Mobile Bookmarks” folder in the drop down list from the toolbar and Bookmarks option in the menu bar in Desktop Firefox


Changes for web developers

Create your own custom devices in Responsive Device Mode

Download Mozilla Firefox 54 Beta 5

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