10 Best Chrome extension designer,Responsive Web Design Tester

As a modern designer, you need not only a powerful graphics editing software, but also the need for rapid development tools in the browser. Designers and developers prefer to use Chrome because it is fast, reliable, and offers a very rich extension.

I am listed here for some of the designers is a great extension plug-in, can help you save time and enhance your attention and efficiency.

1. UX Check

This extension can help you determine the availability issue through a heuristic evaluation. UX Check provides 10 Nielsen heuristic algorithms to help you identify problems.

2. WhatFont

This extension can help you easily set the font used by the site. Just put the mouse on the font you need to identify, you can show all the detailed information. It also detects services that serve Web fonts. Supports Typekit and Google Font APIs.

3. Grammarly

Good design comes from the good copy. Grammarly allows you to avoid spelling, grammar, punctuation. This browser extension also examines context, grammar and punctuation issues, and has a synonym and dictionary to boot.

4. OneTab

You may suffer from “multi-tag syndrome” because it will consume your laptop battery and make your work area very confusing. This extension claims to save 95% of memory and reduce Chrome’s label.

5. Muzli

This extension can be used as a home page to replace your default tags, providing the freshest design of the web, UX, UI, interactive news and photos all you need for design inspiration.

6. TrackDuck

A simple solution for designing projects on the web. With TrackDuck, you can capture and annotate any part of the website or design files, easily track and manage feedback, bug reports, design issues, and more. It also integrates more than a dozen project management tools such as Trello and Basecamp.

7. Momentum

Another great plugin that can replace the new label, it offers toggle, local weather and inspiration for the dashboard. If you are a messy designer, need calm and inspiration moments, you will love this and become more efficient.

8. Typosaurus

One will make your copy ability to a higher level of expansion. Typosaurus allows you to quickly detect spelling errors. It is the ultimate tool to detect the spelling of the site, you can help you dig out has been on your website for many years embarrassing spelling mistakes.

9. Panda

A daily news and inspiration for the dashboard, this extension gives you the best content for your inspiration. With Panda, you can browse and discover high-quality content effortlessly.

10. Responsive Web Design Tester

In this multi-size digital device era, the response in recent years has become very necessary. This plugin provides a quick and easy way to detect the site’s response. It provides a quick way for you to preview your site in the current mainstream mobile device to show results.

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