WikiLeaks Exposure CIA Document Tagging Tool

Recently, WikiLeaks released Vault 7 series document details how the CIA (CIA) tracks groups of whistleblowers, journalists, and so on. Use the ” Scibbles ” (also known as Snowden Stopper) software to embed Web signal tags in files that may be leaked so that even if the document is stolen, the CIA can locate the files and collect the relevant information and feed it back to the CIA.

Image from Flickr

The date of this document is dated March 1, 2016, marking the date of authorization until 2066. WikiLeaks expressed: “Scibbles for Microsoft offline pretreatment Office documents for reasons of security operations in the instruction manual required Scribble not install executable on the target device, parameter files, receipts, or log file, it will not. Leaving information that may be collected by the organization. ”

The project document shows that Scribble is basically a watermark tool that can be successfully applied to all Microsoft Office 2013 (in Windows 8.1 x64) and Office 97-2016 version of the document, but does not apply to Office 95 documents.

However, this software also has some problems, limited to the use of Microsoft Office open the document. “If the target end user uses other applications such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice, the user can see the watermark photo and the URL connection, so the CIA always needs to make sure that the host name or URL component matches the source content,” the document says. If the target user you are investigating may use these non – Microsoft Office applications to open these documents, please do some testing and evaluation before deploying.

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