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The long-awaited GRUB 2.02 open source boot project has finally released a stable version today after a few years of beta testing . The development team said it took a lot of time to improve GRUB 2.02, and will soon be integrated into the stable release of the major GNU / Linux operating system.

GRUB 2.02 is the main function of the introduction of the Big-Endian UFS1, the experimental nature of 64-bit EXT2, GPT PReP support, and even can use LVM UUIDs, can correctly handle LVM, CBFS (coreboot) partition, support ZFS LZ4, ZFS function , XFS V5 formatting, and LVM RAID1.

In addition, GRUB 2.02 also has a variety of non-512-Byte sector devices repair, the new “Progress” module to read the file when the process can display the information to support the DragonFly BSD label and compressed HFS + partition, use the LUKS encryption disk The new “proc” file system framework.

GRUB 2.02 can deploy advanced options to improve security performance, forcing you to read all files by effectively separating the digitally signed disk core mirrors, to better handle DM-RAID partitions, to add new “nativedisk” commands, Switch to local disk.


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