Truehunter – Tool to detect TrueCrypt containers

The goal of Truehunter is to detect TrueCrypt containers using a fast and memory efficient approach. It was designed as a PoC some time ago as I couldn’t find any open source tool with the same functionality.

Just use with Python 2.7, it does not need any additional libraries.

usage: [-h] [-D HEADERSFILE] [-m MINSIZE] [-M MAXSIZE][-R MAXHEADER] [-f] [-o OUTPUTFILE]LOCATIONChecks for file size, unknown header, and entropy of files to determine ifthey are encrypted containers.positional arguments:LOCATION Drive or directory to scan.optional arguments:-h, –help show this help message and exit.-D HEADERSFILE, –database HEADERSFILEHeaders database file, default headers.db-m MINSIZE, –minsize MINSIZEMinimum file size in Kb, default 1Mb.-M MAXSIZE, –maxsize MAXSIZEMaximum file size in Kb, default 100Mb.-R MAXHEADER, –repeatHeader MAXHEADERDiscard files with unknown headers repeated more thanN times, default 3.-f, –fast Do not calculate entropy.-o OUTPUTFILE, –outputfile OUTPUTFILEScan results file name, default scan_results.csv

Download Truehunter


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