Information Gathering Recon-ng v4.9.1 Framework,recon-ng modules,recon-ng usage

Recon-NG is written in python, an open source Web Investigation (information gathering) framework. Recon-ng framework is a full-featured tool that can automatically collect information and network detection. Command format is the same as Metasploit! Default integrated database, which can be put in there reporting module to export query results for the report structured storage results.

Change log recon-ng v4.9.1:

Relocated the recon_web source code.

Fixed several bugs in the bing_linkedin_cache module. Resolves issue #240. (@mrbbking)

Added a new module that harvests hosts and netblocks via MX and SPF DNS records for a domain. (@KoreLogicSecurity)

Enhanced the parser in the bing_linkedin_cache module. Resolves issue #244. (@ethanr)

Modified the certificate_transparency module to return more hosts. (@sheddow)

Refactored location parsing logic to fix a bug in the whois_miner module. Resolves issue #241.


Installation – Kali Linux
apt-get update && apt-get install recon-ng

Installation Using Source:
git clone
cd recon-ng
pip install -r REQUIREMENTS

git pull origin master

1. Start Recon-NG framework

root@kali:~# recon-ng

Use the help command to view all executable commands or -h

Recon-ng use some search engine like bing, twitter, shodan… for gathering info, so you can add search engine api key. To show all search engine that recon-ng support, use keys list command

To add api key, use keys add + name + api_key

To view all modules on recon-ng, use show modules command

To use a module on recon-ng, you use “use” command

Use show info command to view info about modules

Use set command to configure paramter

Use run command to start module

You can export the result by using report module on recon-ng

Opening the result

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