XVWA :Web Application Hacking Lab in kali linux 2016.2 – Penetration Testing in Linux

XVWA is a badly coded web application written in PHP/MySQL that helps security enthusiasts to learn application security. It’s not advisable to host this application online as it is designed to be “Xtremely Vulnerable”. We recommend hosting this application in local/controlled environment and sharpening your application security ninja skills with any tools of your own choice. It’s totally legal to break or hack into this. The idea is to evangelize web application security to the community in possibly the easiest and fundamental way. Learn and acquire these skills for good purpose. How you use these skills and knowledge base is not our responsibility.

XVWA is designed to understand following security issues.

SQL Injection – Error Based
SQL Injection – Blind
OS Command Injection
XPATH Injection
Formula Injection
PHP Object Injection
Unrestricted File Upload
Reflected Cross Site Scripting
Stored Cross Site Scripting
DOM Based Cross Site Scripting
Server Side Request Forgery (Cross Site Port Attacks)
File Inclusion
Session Issues
Insecure Direct Object Reference
Missing Functional Level Access Control
Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Unvalidated Redirect & Forwards
Server Side Template Injection
How to install xvwa in Kali linux 2016.2

1. Download this script
2. Open terminal and type
root@kali:~/Desktop# chmod +x xvwa-setup.sh
root@kali:~/Desktop# ./xvwa-setup.sh
Type your sql user/password and /var/www/html

3. Open firefox and go to http://localhost/xvwa

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