On the article, i am going to list some of the excellent Javascript framework and the characteristics of the library and its star on github, designed to provide some reference for developers. If there are missing, welcome to add.

1, ReactJS (Star: 64474 && Fork: 11950)

React.js (React) is a JavaScript library used to build the user interface, mainly used to build UI, many people think that React is MVC V (view). React originated from Facebook’s internal project, used to set up Instagram’s website, and in May 2013 open source. React has a high performance, code logic is very simple, more and more people have begun to pay attention and use it.

React Features:
1. Declarative design-React using the declaration paradigm, you can easily describe the application.
2. Efficient-React through the simulation of the DOM, to minimize the interaction with the DOM.
3. Flexible – React can work well with known libraries or frameworks.
4.JSX – JSX is an extension of JavaScript syntax. React development does not necessarily use JSX, but we recommend using it.
5. Components – React build components, making the code easier to reuse, can be a good application in the development of large projects.
6. One-way response to the data stream – React to achieve a one-way response to the data stream, thereby reducing the duplication of code, which is why it is more simple than traditional data binding.


2, AngularJS (Star: 55448 && Fork: 27706)

Angular JS (Angular.JS) is a set of frameworks, templates, and data bindings and rich UI components for developing Web pages. It supports the entire development process, providing a Web application architecture, without the need for manual DOM operation. AngularJS is very small, only 60K, compatible with the mainstream browser, with jQuery with good.


3, Vue.js (Star: 43608, Fork: 5493)

Vue.js is a JavaScript library for building Web interfaces, providing data-driven components, and a simple and flexible API that makes MVVM simpler.

Key Features:

Extensible data binding

Will be ordinary JS object as model

Concise API

Component UI construction

With other libraries to use


4, jQuery (Star: 44391 && Fork: 12491)

Jquery is a lightweight js library (compressed only 21k), it is compatible with CSS3, also compatible with a variety of browsers (IE 6.0+, FF 1.5+, Safari 2.0+, Opera 9.0+). JQuery allows users to more easily handle HTML documents, events, to achieve animation, and easy for the site to provide AJAX interaction. JQuery also has a big advantage is that its documentation is very full, and a variety of applications are also very detailed, as well as many mature plug-ins to choose from. JQuery can make the user’s html page to keep the code and html content separation, that is, no longer in html inside insert a bunch of js to call the command, just define the id can be.


5, Meteor (Star: 37137 && Fork: 4683)

Meteor is a new set of technologies used to build high-quality Web applications, providing a lot of off-the-shelf packages that can run directly on a browser or cloud platform.


6, Angular2 (Star: 23151 && Fork: 5890)

Angular is a popular and easy-to-use Web front-end framework that is currently maintained by Google. This entry contains Angular 2 and its later versions. This is the case because the official version of Angular 2 and the previous version of Angular.js have been maintained (both GitHub addresses and project home pages are different ).


7, Ember.js (Star: 17761 && Fork: 3704)

Ember is an ambitious Web application that eliminates the paradigm and provides a standard application framework for the JavaScript framework.


8, Polymer (Star: 17331 && Fork: 1736)

At the Google I/O conference in 2013, Google released Polymer, a class library that uses Web components to build Web applications, and uses the new HTML 5 standard for building reusable components for the Web. Polymer provides polyfills functionality for most Web component technologies, allowing developers to create their own reusable components before all browsers support new features. In addition, Polymer provides examples of a range of components, including weather, clocks, stock quotes, and line graphs.

Polyfills in Polymer provide a variety of Web technologies for building applications that require the use of Web components, including:

HTML imports: in other HTML document in the introduction and reuse of HTML document method.

Custom elements: Let the developer define and use custom DOM elements.

Shadow DOM: The encapsulation provided in the DOM.

Model Driven Views: Provides data bindings like AngularJS.

Web animation: API for implementing complex animations.

Pointer event: Encapsulates mouse touch and stylus events


9, Zepto.js (Star: 12361 && Fork: 3362)

Zepto.js is a JavaScript framework that supports the Mobile WebKit browser, with jQuery-compatible syntax. 2-5k of the library, through a good API to deal with the vast majority of the basic work.


10, Riot.js (Star: 11767, Fork: 908)

Riot.js is a client model-view-rendering (MVP) framework and it’s very lightweight even less than 1kb. Although his size is incredible, all it can build is as follows: a template engine, routing, and even Is a library and a strict and organized MVP model. The view is automatically updated when the model data changes.


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