Xubuntu 17.04 released: Linux distributions,Xubuntu 17.04 download,Xubuntu 17.04 iso download

Pronounced “zoo-BOON-too”, Xubuntu is a community-maintained Linux distribution derived from Canonical, Ltd.’s Ubuntu that was officially released in June of 2006, and new releases are issued every six months to coincide with the corresponding Ubuntu release.
Xubuntu was developed with a stated goal of focusing on “integration, usability, and performance.” It consumes fewer system resources, squeezing more out of newer systems and breathing new life into older or less-powerful machines. It uses the Xfce desktop environment, which is designed to be fast and lightweight without compromising the visual enhancements of modern window management.

Xubuntu 17.04 was released.

Xubuntu 17.04 is a regular version that will support 9 months until January 2018. If you need a longer time to stay in a stable environment , we recommend using Xubuntu 16.04 LTS .

The main updates are as follows:

Several Xfce panel plugins and applications have been ported to GTK 3, paving the way for improved themes and further development.

Core Xfce libraries exo and libxfce4ui have also fully supported GTK 3, which adds libxfce4ui-glade to support the development of Glade in Xubuntu.

Greybird and Numix themes have also been updated and improved support for the toolkit.

The camera function has been restored in Mugshot

Join the addictive logic game collection Simon Tatham’s portable puzzle series (sgt-puzzles).

Full update and known errors Please check the release notes .


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