Stitch – Python Remote Administration Tool (RAT)

This is a cross platform python framework which allows you to build custom payloads for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux as well. You are able to select whether the payload binds to a specific IP and port, listens for a connection on a port, option to send an email of system info when the system boots, and option to start keylogger on boot. Payloads created can only run on the OS that they were created on.

FeaturesCross Platform Support

Command and file auto-completion

Antivirus detection

Able to turn off/on display monitors

Hide/unhide files and directories

View/edit the hosts file

View all the systems environment variables

Keylogger with options to view status, start, stop and dump the logs onto your host system

View the location and other information of the target machine

Execute custom python scripts which return whatever you print to screen


Virtual machine detection

Download/Upload files to and from the target system

Attempt to dump the systems password hashes

Payloads’ properties are “disguised” as other known programs

Windows Specific

Display a user/password dialog box to obtain user password

Dump passwords saved via Chrome

Clear the System, Security, and Application logs

Enable/Disable services such as RDP,UAC, and Windows Defender

Edit the accessed, created, and modified properties of files

Create a custom popup box

View connected webcam and take snapshots

View past connected wifi connections along with their passwords

View information about drives connected

View summary of registry values such as DEP

Mac OSX Specific

Display a user/password dialog box to obtain user password

Change the login text at the user’s login screen

Webcam snapshots

Mac OSX/Linux Specific

SSH from the target machine into another host

Run sudo commands

Attempt to bruteforce the user’s password using the passwords list found in Tools/

Webcam snapshots? (untested on Linux)

Implemented Transports
All communication between the host and target is AES encrypted. Every Stitch program generates an AES key which is then put into all payloads. To access a payload the AES keys must match. To connect from a different system running Stitch you must add the key by using the showkey command from the original system and the addkey command on the new system.Implemented Payload Installers
The “stitchgen” command gives the user the option to create NSIS installers on Windows and Makeself installers on posix machines. For Windows, the installer packages the payload and an elevation exe ,which prevents the firewall prompt and adds persistence, and places the payload on the system. For Mac OSX and Linux, the installer places the payload and attempts to add persistence. To create NSIS installers you must download and install NSIS.Wiki

Crash Course of Stitch


Python 2.7

For easy installation run the following command that corresponds to your OS:

# for Windowspip install -r win_requirements.txt# for Mac OSXpip install -r osx_requirements.txt# for Linuxpip install -r lnx_requirements.txt





Windows Specific



Mac OSX Specific


Mac OSX/Linux Specific



To Run

python main.pyor./

My motivation behind this was to advance my knowledge of python, hacking, and just to see what I could accomplish. Was somewhat discouraged and almost abandoned this project when I found the amazing work done by n1nj4sec , but still decided to put this up since I had already come so far.Other open-source Python RATs for Reference




Download Stitch


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