Arduino MIDI Controller (USB Fader/Mixer)

3D Print Arduino MIDI Controller (USB Fader/Mixer) Let’s smash a vintage mixer and build a MIDI controller! With the help of an Arduino Pro Micro, of course… and this time, it’s USB MIDI! I *may* be going through a deadpool phase rn. i need halp. Eat, sleep, salvage, repeat. xo, evanz ===== Become my patron on Patreon and help me shape the future of this channel! Follow me! :] facebook | instagram | twitter | Never trust an atom, they make up everything: SOFTWARE: FL Studio (on the PC): IL Remote (on the tablet): MATERIAL: Slide Potentiometers: Rotary Potentiometers: Arduino Pro Micro: *OR* Arduino Micro: 74HC4051 8-Channel Analog Multiplexer: Perfboard: Male pin headers: Female pin headers: USB-B Ports: GEAR: Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station: MG Chemicals Silver Solder: Helping hand: Sticky tack: Schematics: Arduino source code: Printable 3D Model: ===== CREDITS: MUSIC: Liked the Megalovania remix at the end? Check out more VGM remixes from IncredFX! IncredFx Brock Berrigan Epidemic Sound VFX: Kanadaka Amitai Angor AA VFX

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