Gamecube Portable – The Varia Cube

Gamecube Portable – The Varia Cube **This item is sold** 10 months in the making, and happy to announce that the Varia Cube is done. Worklog : Music used from YouTube – Brinstar (Metroid) – Super Smash Bros. Wii U – OC ReMix #2181_ Super Metroid ‘The Bounty of a Brain’ [Opening, Theme of Samus] by Big Giant Circles – Metroid_ Brinstar Remix by Zachary Hale Comstock Here is the technical info. * Case made out of a Nintendo GameCube ASCII Keyboard * Painted in de color scheme of Samus Aran’s Varia Suit * Gamecube Pal motherboard * Original Gamecube heatsink with custom fan * All original Nintendo controls and sticks * N64 joystick caps * Nintendo DS Lite Dpad * Full original analog trigger (L and R buttons) * Strong Rumble Feedback Motor * 7 Inch LCD, VGA, 800 x 480, 16:9, Dalian Good-Display * Original Nintendo Component video chip wired to produce VGA and Component out * Swiss software can force any game into 480P and use a widescreen hack to force 16:9 (no stretch) for correct ratio * Wasp Fusion modchip flashed with Swiss Autoboot firmware * 6400 mAh batteries (4 x Panasonic 3400 mAh 18650), 2.5 hours gameplay * Battery Indicator with 4 leds to see how much power is left * 128 MB Memorycard soldered directly onto the motherboard (GameCube slot-A) * SD Gecko adapter to run homebrew and emulators through Swiss (GameCube slot-B) * Mini 2*3W @ 4O PAM8803 Class D Audio AMP * Stereo sound speakers, Used from ASUS ME172V MemoPad * Switching Stereo headphone jack * Vga breakout box connector to hook up the console to tv * Switch to select between VGA/Component and Swapping controls from console to breakoutbox for player one * Audio can be controlled using right most menu button * Video controls to access display menu and switch between AV (composite) and VGA Display * Play/n/charge, System can play from wall socket while being charged (comes with charger and power adapter) * Comes with 12V car adapter, play on the go with the high amp adapter * Comes with 1 x 32GB SD card for GameCube games (wasp fusion slot) and 1 x 8GB for Homebrew, Games and Emulators (GameCube Slot-B) * Comes with breakout box * Breakout box has 4 player ports, Component video port (Y Pr PB), Composite video and stereo audio ports, Compatible with wavebird * System comes with transport case Simple Cost Indication , no shipping fees calculated, many things not mentioned. € 10,- Gamecube € 90,- battery € 80,- Paint € 80,- Component video chip € 60,- Screen € 40,- Ascii keyboard € 40,- Power/charge adapters € 30,- Wasp Fusion € 10,- 128MB Memorycard for gamecube saves € 40,- Power Regulators € 30,- Break out box & parts € 40,- Abs molding glue € 30,- Secure Digital storage cards

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