Vproxy – Forward HTTP/S Traffic To Proxy Instance

If you are familiar with mobile penetration testing and you did one before, you probably came across this kind of situation when you want to intercept the application HTTP or HTTPS traffic using your favorite proxy tool such as Burp Suite, Fiddler, Charles , etc.

After modifying the WIFI connection and adding your proxy host and port there, you should immediately be able to capture the HTTP/S traffic.

However, this kind of method is not always working since some mobile applications are using customized HTTP/S functionalities within the device.

So what you should do in order to capture all of the HTTP/S traffic from the mobile device without breaking you heads? it’s simple, use Vproxy!


Vproxy is a python script that built to quickly configure a PPTP VPN server that will redirect HTTP/S traffic to your favorite proxy instance host.


System Requirements
This script was built and test on Kali-Linux and should work on any linux distributionPrerequisites

pip install termcolor

Setup VPN server on localip and redirect traffic sent from the clients (80,443) to proxy

$sudo python vproxy.py -localip -phost -pport 8080 -port 80,443

The Goal

Help Penetration Testers conduct mobile security assessment easier

Intercept Mobile HTTP/S traffic from any mobile device

Configuring VPN Videos
IOS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC-xJ9rCTXU
Android – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFeJZKX4O3A

Download Vproxy http://ift.tt/2fF7yr0 http://ift.tt/2aM8QhC


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