F-Scrack – A Single File Bruteforcer Supports Multi-Protocol

F-Scrack is a single file bruteforcer supports multi-protocol, no extra library requires except python standard library, which is ideal for a quick test.

Currently support protocol: FTP, MySQL, MSSQL,MongoDB,Redis,Telnet,Elasticsearch,PostgreSQL.

Compatible with OSX, Linux, Windows, Python 2.6+.


python F-Scrack.py -h 192.168.1 [-p 21,80,3306] [-m 50] [-t 10]-hSupports ip(, ip range (192.168.1) (, ip list (ip.ini) , maximum 65535 ips per scan.-pPorts you want to scan, use comma to separate multi ports. Eg 1433,3306,5432. Default scan ports(21,23,1433,3306,5432,6379,9200,11211,27017) if no ports specified.-mNumber of threads. Default is 100.-tSeconds to wait before timeout.-dDictionary file.-nScan without ping scan(Live hosts detect).


python F-Scrack.py -h 10.111.1python F-Scrack.py -h -d pass.txtpython F-Scrack.py -h -p 3306,5432 -m 200 -t 6python F-Scrack.py -h ip.ini -n

Download F-Scrack http://ift.tt/2gHcaic http://ift.tt/2aM8QhC


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