httpstat – Curl Statistics Made Simple

httpstat visualizes curl(1) statistics in a way of beauty and clarity.

It is a single file Python script that has no dependency and is compatible with Python 3.
Installation There are three ways to get httpstat :

Download the script directly: wget

Through pip: pip install httpstat

Through homebrew (macOS only): brew install httpstat

Usage Simply:


If installed through pip or brew, you can use httpstat as a command:


cURL Options Because httpstat is a wrapper of cURL, you can pass any cURL supported option after the url (except for -w , -D , -o , -s , -S which are already used by httpstat ):

httpstat -X POST –data-urlencode “a=b” -v

Environment Variables httpstat has a bunch of environment variables to control its behavior. Here are some usage demos, you can also run httpstat –help to see full explanation.







Set to true to see debugging logs. Default is false For convenience, you can export these environments in your .zshrc or .bashrc , example:


Related Projects Here are some implementations in various languages:

Bash: b4b4r07/httpstat This is what exactly I want to do at the very beginning, but gave up due to not confident in my bash skill, good job!

Node: yosuke-furukawa/httpstat b4b4r07 mentioned this in his article , could be used as a HTTP client also.

Go: davecheney/httpstat I’m practicing Go recently, it’s happy to read and learn from this one.

Go (library): tcnksm/go-httpstat Other than being a cli tool, this project is used as library to help debugging latency of HTTP requests in Go code, very thoughtful and useful, see more in this article

PHP: talhasch/php-httpstat The PHP implementation by @talhasch

Some code blocks in httpstat are copied from other projects of mine, have a look:

reorx/python-terminal-color Drop-in single file library for printing terminal color.

reorx/getenv Environment variable definition with type.

Download httpstat


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