How To Protect Your Wifi. Using Mac Address Filter. #ANY

Salam Everyone, This is kid, and after longtime i want to share some of my knowledge with you about WiFi protection. Many of people facing this problem that their WiFi is not secure even when they put password on it.

First you should guess strong password for your WiFi.

Now I am going to tell you about protecting your WiFi with mac address filter. In this method you will just simply add mac address/physical address of your device to router/modem. There are three options in mac address filter.

1) disable- this option disable your mac-address filter

2) allow-this option allow those devices to use your WiFi which mac address you entered in router.

3) deny- this option block those devices which you entered in router.

Lets get started.

Open your router control panel.

Many of routers have address but mine is

You can find your router access id by simply open cmd and type ipconfig and search for “Default Gateway” thats your access id to your router.

Your device password is written at the back of router. But default is admin and username is admin same for all router.

After opening. Goto wireless>>mac filter.

Now there will be option add. Click on it, and add your mac address. To find your mac address open cmd and type

ipconfig /all

mac address is known as physical address in cmd. searc for your physical address under your network adapter heading in cmd. and add it in your router, use “:” instead of “-” between mac address.

For example use:

XX:AA:DD:VV:BB:CC instead of XX-AA-DD-VV-BB-CC otherwise router will not accept.

In smartphones to find mac address of your device goto:

settings>>WiFi>>advanced then search for your mac address

After adding mac address then click allow to enable your mac address filter to enable those devices to use your WiFi which mac address you entered in ROUTER and if someone else have your password don’t be afraid your WiFi will be useless to him/her only those devices can access which mac address you entered in router.

You can enter more than one mac addresses to your router.

sorry for my bad English.

If you have any query just write it in comment. Thank you.




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