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jSQL Injection v0.77 – Java application for automatic SQL database injection.

jSQL Injection is a lightweight application used to find database information from a distant server.

It’s is free , open source and cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).

jSQL Injection is also part of the official penetration testing distribution Kali Linux and is included in distributions like Pentest Box , Parrot Security OS , ArchStrike and BlackArch Linux.

Install Java , then download the latest release of jSQL and double-click on the .jar to launch the software.
You can also type java -jar jsql-injection-v0.77.jar in your terminal to start the program.Screenshots

RoadmapWAF tamper, HTTP Auth Bruteforce, Translation, SOAP injection, Command line interface, Databases: Access Cassandra MongoDb and Neo4jChange logv0.76 Czech translation, 17 Database flavors: SQLitev0.75 URI injection point, Mavenify, Upgrade to Java 7, Optimized UIv0.73 Authentication: Basic Digest Negotiate NTLM and Kerberos, Database flavor selectionv0.7 Scan multiple URLs, Github Issue reporter, 16 Database flavors: Cubrid Derby H2 HSQLDB MariaDB and Teradata, Optimized UIalpha-v0.6 Speed x2: No hex encoding, 10 Database flavors: MySQL Oracle SQLServer PostgreSQL DB2 Firebird Informix Ingres MaxDb and Sybase, JUnit tests, Log4j, Translation0.5 SQL Shell, Uploader0.4 Admin page, Hash bruteforce like MD5 and MySQL, Text encoder/decoder like Base64, Hex and MD50.3 File injection, Web Shell, Integrated terminal, Configuration backup, Update checker0.2 Algorithm Time, Multi-thread control: Start Pause Resume and Stop, Log URL calls0.0-0.1 Method GET POST Header and Cookie, Algorithm Normal Error and Blind, Best algorithm selection, Progression bars, Simple evasion, Proxy settings, MySQL only
jSQL Injection


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