OpenDoor – OWASP Directory Access Scanner

This application scans the site directories and find all possible ways to login, empty directories and entry points. Scans conducted in the dictionary that is included in this application. This software is written for informational purposes and is an open source product under the GPL license.

Testing of the software on the commercial systems and organizations is prohibited!


Python 2.7.x

Install Dependencies

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt



filesystem log

detect redirects

random user agent

random proxy from proxy list

verbose mode

subdomains scanner


v1.0.0 – all the basic functionality is available

v1.0.1 – added debug level as param –debug

v1.2.1 – added filesystem logger (param –log)

v1.2.2 – added example of usage (param –examples)

v1.3.2 – added posibility to use random proxy from proxylist (param –proxy)

v1.3.3 – simplify dependency installation

v1.3.4 – added code quality watcher

v1.3.5 – added ReadTimeoutError ProxyError handlers

v1.3.51 – fixed code style, resolve file read errors

v1.3.52 – code docstyle added

v2.3.52 – subdomains scan available! (param –check subdomains). Added databases

Basic usage

python ./ –url “”


usage: [-h] [-u URL] [–update] [–examples] [-v] [-c CHECK]

[-t THREADS] [-d DELAY] [-r REST] [–debug DEBUG] [-p] [-l]

optional arguments:

-h, –help

show this help message and exit


Update from version control


Examples of usage

-v, –version

Get current version

-c CHECK , –check CHECK

Directory scan eg –check=directories or subdomains

(directories by default)

-t THREADS , –threads THREADS

Allowed threads

-d DELAY , –delay DELAY

Delay between requests

-r REST , –rest REST

Request timeout

–debug DEBUG

Debug level (0 by default)

-p, –proxy

Use proxy list

-l, –log

Use filesystem log

required named arguments:

-u URL , –url URL

URL or page to scan; -u

Download OpenDoor


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