Cracking Forgotten Windows Password #Any – Learn Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking

Salam Everyone,

Today I will show you how to crack any windows password that you have forgotten, It is easy and simple but remember this just for educational purpose.

You simple need DVD Of windows or Bootable Usb loaded with windows file.

Follow These simple steps:

insert dvd and boot the windows setup

when this screen appear press shift+F10 and command prompt will appear with directory x select

now change the directory to c by simply entering c: command in cmd like this


hit enter note you have to put only c: “x:\sources> is already written in cmd

Now enter this command in cmd “cd windows\system32” like this

now enter the following command (rename “sethc.exe” “sethc1.exe”) without brackets

and in this step use this command (rename “cmd.exe” “sethc.exe”) without brackets

after this reboot your system and eject the DVD, allow your system to load windows when you approach to login screen press 5-10 times shift key rapidly.

A new command screen will appear just enter command “net users” and hit enter.

in cmd there will a table appear containing names of account search for your password protected account and you already know your account

just type net users (your account name) * note :enter your account name without bracket and it is important to put * at the end AND hit enter and it will ask for new password just hit enter and again it will ask for password then press enter and congratulation your account is now password free ^.^.

NOTE:WIN 8 and above users should first enable stick keys option by clicking accessibility option (ease of access) icon on lower left corner on login screen and turn on stick keys feature before tapping shift 5-10 times thank you.

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