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Dracnmap – Exploit Network and Gathering Information with Nmap

Dracnmap is an open source program which is using to exploit the network and gathering information with nmap help. Nmap command comes with lots of options that can make the utility more robust and difficult to follow for new users. Hence Dracnmap is designed to perform fast scaning with the utilizing script engine of nmap and nmap can perform various automatic scanning techniques with the advanced commands.


Getting Started

git clone Dracnmapchmod +x Dracnmap.shsudo ./ or sudo su ./


A linux operating system. We recommend Kali Linux 2 or Kali 2016.1 rolling / Cyborg / Parrot / Dracos / BackTrack / Backbox / and another operating system ( linux )

Must install nmap

you can visit my channel :

Thanks to allah and Screetsec [ Edo -maland- ]

Dracos Linux from Scratch Indonesia ( Awesome Penetration os ), you can see in

Offensive Security for the awesome OS ( )

Jack Wilder admin in

And another open sources tool in github

Uptodate new tools hacking visit

My Friends ( Boy Suganda )

Download Dracnmap


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