KNXmap – KNXnet/IP scanning and auditing tool for KNX home automation installations

A tool for scanning and auditing KNXnet/IP gateways on IP driven networks. KNXnet/IP defines Ethernet as physical communication media for KNX (EN 50090, ISO/IEC 14543). KNXmap also allows to scan for devices on the KNX bus via KNXnet/IP gateways. In addition to scanning, KNXmap supports other modes to interact with KNX gateways like monitor bus messages or write arbitrary values to group addresses.


KNXmap requires Python 3.3 or newer. There are no external dependencies, everything is included in the standard library.

Note : Users of Python 3.3 need to install the asyncio module from PyPI .

Invoke locally or install it:

python install

The documentation is available in the repository wiki .Hacking
Enable full debugging and verbosity for development:

PYTHONASYNCIODEBUG=1 -v scan 1.1.0-1.1.6 –bus-info

Download KNXmap


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