Setting Up Lab Environment For Kali Linux 2 – Learn Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking

Hello friends how are you doing ? It have been quite sometime since i have written, any new article on Kali Linux topic. So in this article i am going to talk about setting up a lab for doing all our work in for this course.

In this section we will setup Kali 2 , Windows 7 and Metasploitable 2 in virtual environment. In my case i am using VMware Workstation to do this but you can also use VirtualBox it depend on your liking. The reason we are doing this is because using virtual testing lab makes it very easy to learn offensive/defensive computer security testing using Kali.

We only need one powerful enough machine which can run several virtual machine session on the same time. In my case i am using Core i5 with 12GB of RAM .

Installing Kali Linux :-

First of all install VMware Workstation or VMware Player.

Download the 32 bit Kali 2 VM image you can download it form

It will be a .zip file unzip it, Open VMware .

Click on File > Open > and select the VMware image .

After doing that click on “Edit Virtual Machine settings.” and change according to your configuration .

Now click on Network Adopter .

By default the network setting assigned to the virtual machine is NAT which mean that Virtual machine will be creating a small NAT network which will be shared between them. They can also use internet is needed it is not like these machines will be isolated from the internet.

Some time there are issue in NAT so we will be using Bridged network .

That it click OK and Play the virtual machine . If you get any message click on “I copied” and everything will be up and running.

Login with default username and password. “root” “root”

Setting IP :-

Open up the terminal and type the following commands:-

cd /etc/network

nano interfaces

Change the eth0 section :-

auto eth0

inface eth0 inet static




Press Ctrl+X to exit and “Y” to save and to set everything in place just reboot your system.

After that just install VMware Tools for Linux.

Installing Metasploitable 2 :-

Metasploitable is a vulnerable operating system which is running most of the testing vulnerable web application for us .

Setting the machine up is same as previous for the download link here you can download it.

Just in case do change the Network setting to Bridged the login credentials are :-

Username : msfadmin

Password : msfadmin

now the same thing goes here for changing the IP of the machine it is same as previous but this time the IP address will be

Installing Windows 7:-

For this you can download windows 7 trial edition from

after installing Disable Windows Updates edit the virtual machine network settings and make it Bridged network.

Power on the machine and set the IP to

You can change the IP in Contral Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections .

now create a admin user with username ” Dum ” and password ” password ”

NOw that is it for this article we will be covering other details in detail in upcomming articles .



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