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Hello everyone ,

I am new member of Security training and this is my first post. So first let me introduce my self, I am Spirited wolf from India and i always love to talk about security.

So, lets comeback to our todays topic. So today i would like to share a tutorial on Collecting Email Addresses using Metasploit Framework. So, this amazing method is used for an Information-Gathering process/technique.

I’ll suggest You all to take a look on these Exclusive references.

1. Google (best for passive information gathering) : Use Google dorks at their best. You can get 1000’s of such dorks at exploit-db.com website. 2. Facebook, Google +, Linked In and other social networking sites are great places to gather personal information about anyone. 3. Nothing beats NETCRAFT if you have to do passive information gathering of WEB SERVERS. 4. Whois is always informative as still considered as best tool for passive information gathering about websites. 5. HTTrack and Webripper are also good tools to make offline copy of any website for executing local attacks which we can’t do on servers as nowadays most servers uses exhaustive security protocols. 6. Wireshark : If you are taking about anything related to network sniffing or capturing network data, not a single tool can beat Wireshark. It’s really a Wireless shark which eats everything :P. 7. Few other favourite tools for information gathering are DNSDICT, DNSRECON, DNSENUM. 8. Spokeo : People Search Engine, where you can search people by Name, Email and Phone Number.

Lets start, follow this simple tutorial. 1. Open your Metasploit console [i.e msfconsole].

2. Now search for collector modules so just type:-

msf > search collector

3. So as you can see this auxiliary:-


We will use it now for Searching Domain Email Address.

4. Now just type:-

msf > use auxiliary/gather/search_email_collector

5. Now in last we just need to provide the domain/website address. I am taking any website randomly, http://www.nebo.edu

So now just type:-

msf auxiliary(search_email_collector) > set Domain nebo.edu
Domain => nebo.edu
msf auxiliary(search_email_collector) > run

And in some couple of seconds you will see all email address Thumbsup

Hope you liked my tutorial.

It took me 1 Hour to make this tutorial, But it will take only 1 sec. to leave a review/reply here. Please comment if you like this tutorial.

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