Top 5 Facebook Scams That You Should Be Aware Of

Top 5 Facebook Scams That You Should Be Aware Of


Short Bytes : Social media sites such as Facebook and their immense user base are prone to scams most of the times. Here’s a list of Top 5 Facebook scams that you should be wary of.

The bigger and popular sites with the huge number of visitors are like hackers’ wonderland for posting scams. Especially the users on social media websites are prone to such scams that further convert to dangerous cyber attacks. Facebook has about 1.4 billion users making it potentially the most active social media site for the hackers.

These are some of the common Facebook scams that you might fall for if you haven’t before:

5) Viral Videos/ Scandals

The word “Viral” itself has become viral which makes you yearn and see the content inside. It could be anything ranging from cute puppy videos to horrendous torture videos by terrorists. More popular in these viral videos are salacious celebrity scandals which generally contain no video at all- but a link to another phishing website or require to install an update or a plugin. Once you do that, the virus is automatically installed in your system. And you know what happens next..

You will never get adult videos on any social media website, so if you happen to scroll through one on your home page, then it is definitely a Facebook scam.

4) Free Giveaways/Survey Scams

Nothing is free in this world my friend. Especially free travel tickets, and definitely not iPhones, iPads or Mac. The social media are full of such spam offers that sound too good to be true, and coaxes you as if you are the world’s luckiest person.

There are also survey scams that trick you into giving your personal information in exchange of gift vouchers or free trips. Do not fall for these Facebook scams and never forward them to your contacts either, else you would end up spamming your friends too.

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3) Facebook Customization

If any link on your home page claims to change the layout, color or give you a special “Dislike Button” give any special functionality, then it is probably another Facebook scam. You can’t just change the official interface of the world’s biggest social media website by clicking a few phishing links.

These scams will either ask you to install their specific Facebook app or ask to fill a desirability form of what changes you want. Once in, they will get full access to your data or through phishing forms spread malware into your system.

If Facebook would some day want to give you customization features, then they make a grand announcement, not any hidden link. So, be alert and avoid yourself from such Facebook scams.

2) Celebrity Friend Requests/Charity

This might not happen as frequently as others but when someone falls for this Facebook scam, it hits him/her very hard. You come by a friend request of a celebrity or from so-called official  page. Then they will ask you to donate some money for the poor or the disaster struck people.

Either they will ask your credentials or directly tell you to donate through online payment services. Never trust such messages to stay safe on Facebook.

1) Who Viewed My Profile?

This is the biggest and most pervasive Facebook scam ever. Facebook has made it pretty clear that there is no way any app can tell who has visited your profile and how many times. Any link or app that claims to do so is a scam.

In these scams, you will have to give in your information and accept their terms and conditions. This scam play with the emotions of the users as most of us want to know if their secret crush or an ex-partner visits them online.

The application does tell who viewed your profile based on an algorithm, but till then you are already been infected by the app and under attack.

So, avoid all these malicious and fraudulent apps and links to be safe on the social media. With this, we end the list of biggest Facebook scams.

We will let you know if come by any more of such scams. You can also tell us, and our fossBytes community, if you happen to know some other scams.

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Descoberta vulnerabilidade que permite atacar smartphones Android através de MMS

Descoberta vulnerabilidade que permite atacar smartphones Android através de MMS

Android FTWPesquisadores da Zimperium Mobile Security anunciaram a descoberta de uma nova vulnerabilidade que afeta cerca de 950 milhões de smartphones com sistema Android. A vulnerabilidade está no sistema de trocas de mensagens de texto com multímidia (MMS).

Não foram divulgados muitos detalhes sobre a falha, apenas que ela pode ser explorada através do envio de um código específico disfarçado de mensagem de vídeo. O invasor pode então executar códigos de maneira remota, comprometendo as câmeras, o microfone e uma série de outras funções importantes. No caso das versões mais vulneráveis do Android, não era preciso nem interagir com as mensagens.

Criar um patch para esse bug não foi um grande problema para a Google – a empresa já o completou e enviou para as fabricantes de smartphones. O problema é que muitas ainda não repassaram o update para seus usuários. Os proprietários de smartphones com ROMs customizadas pela fabricante devem ficar ainda algum tempo esperando a correção.

Acesse a notícia completa no link.

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Hackers russos usaram o Twitter para atacar sistemas dos Estados Unidos

Hackers russos usaram o Twitter para atacar sistemas dos Estados Unidos

Hackers russos estão usando programas de malware escondidos em imagens do Twitter para transmitir comandos e roubar dados de redes de computadores nos Estados Unidos – informaram esta semana pesquisadores em segurança da informação.

Um relatório da empresa de segurança FireEye examinou as técnicas de ocultação usadas por estes grupos de hackers que supostamente seriam patrocinados pelo governo russo. “Através de uma variedade de técnicas, da criação de um algoritmo que gera diariamente nomes de usuários no Twitter até a integração de comandos dentro das fotos, os desenvolvedores criaram uma ferramenta particularmente eficaz”, informou a FireEye em comunicado divulgado na quarta-feira (29).

Especialistas em segurança já haviam relacionado esses hackers baseados na Rússia com esforços para penetrar nas redes da Casa Branca e de outras instituições dos Estados Unidos. A FireEye informou que este grupo, apelidado APT29, provavelmente é financiado pelo governo russo e tem estado em atividade desde pelo menos o final de 2014.

O relatório informou que esta ferramenta de ataque, chamada “Hammertoss”, gera e busca diariamente diferentes nomes de usuário do Twitter e tenta se misturar ao tráfego normal das mensagens. Os hackers inserem códigos maliciosos nas imagens geradas em tuítes, o que lhes permite roubar dados ou acessar os computadores que abrem estas imagens.

Esta técnica “atrapalha a capacidade dos protetores das redes de identificar quais contas do Twitter são utilizadas para atacar”, afirmou o relatório. Também impede “diferenciar o tráfico malicioso da atividade legítima”. “Isso torna a Hammertoss uma poderosa porta de entrada para um dos grupos maliciosos mais fortes que já observamos”.

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RV4sec 2015 – Allen Householder – Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure is a concurrent process

RV4sec 2015 – Allen Householder – Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure is a concurrent process

Media reports about Zero Days, bug bounties, and branded vulnerabilities usually focus on the publication of a vulnerability report. Vulnerability disclosure policies recently hit the mainstream with public kerfuffles between Google and Microsoft over the timing a few vulnerability announcements. However, public reports largely ignore the process of coordination and disclosure that precedes a publication event. For the past 26 years at the CERT Coordination Center, we have been helping connect security researchers and vendors in the interest of improving the security of the Internet and providing users and administrators with the information they need to secure their systems. In this talk I’ll describe the process of coordinating vulnerability disclosures, why it’s hard, and some of the pitfalls and hidden complexities we have encountered. This will be a behind-the-scenes look at a process that doesn’t receive much attention yet is of critical importance to internet security. For More Information Please Visit: –



NASA has discovered the closest super-Earth exoplanet yet

NASA has discovered the closest super-Earth exoplanet yet

It’s still too far away to visit, but HD 219134b is in a prime location for further study.

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How To Change Cortana’s Bing Search to Google in Windows 10 Using Bing2Google

How To Change Cortana’s Bing Search to Google in Windows 10 Using Bing2Google


Short Bytes : Bing search is deeply integrated in Windows 10 and you can’t change this search engine from your Cortana desktop search. Answering this problem, Bing2Google extension for Chrome does this in just in a click. 

Windows 10 was rolled out on July 29 and people have upgraded their PCs using the free upgrade offer. To make the upgrade process easy, Microsoft even released a tool to download Windows 10 instantly on Windows 7 and 8 PCs. Today, Microsoft said that 14 million people have installed Windows 10 on their PCs. Windows 10 comes with its very own digital assistant Cortana that searches your queries and acts according to your voice commands and gives useful results. But, just the way you can’t change the default search provider in Google Now and Siri, Cortana resists change and provides Bing search results.

Cortana’s desktop web search works pretty well but what if you had the option to replace Bing with Google? Your prayers have been heard and Bing2Google extension for Chrome is here is change Cortana’s Bing search to Google in Windows 10.

Before downloading this extension, make sure that Google Chrome is your default web browser in Windows 10. This could be done by following few simple steps to change the default browser.

Now I’ll assume that you’ve changed your default browser to Chrome in Windows 10. Search for Bing2Google Chrome extension on the web or Chrome app store.

Now, install Bing2Google extension.


This Bing2Google extension redirects your Bing searches to Google searches, this forcing Cortana to search using a Bing alternative.

Note that this will also replace Bing search from Microsoft Edge’s default search.

Did you like Bing2Google extension to change Cortana’s Bing desktop search to Google in Windows 10? Tell us in comments below.

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Veja como se proteger da falha de segurança que atinge aparelhos Android

Veja como se proteger da falha de segurança que atinge aparelhos Android
Vulnerabilidade Stagefright ataca sistemas via mensagem multimídia. Medida de proteção inclui desabilitar a obtenção automática de MMS

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